11.07.2017, 21.57   News

Battles intensified in the western and eastern parts of al-Raqqa. The clashes  resulted in killing 18 mercenaries.

Since Monday night till now, fierce clashes have erupted between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and IS mercenaries in Hisham Abdul Melek south of al-Raqqa city and Old Al-Raqqa east of the city.

SDF fighters progressed in the eastern axis and carried out an operation of clearing the neighborhoods of mines.

During the clashes, 3 SDF fighters have been martyred.

When IS mercenaries attempted to launch an attack with two booby-trapped vehicles on SDF points in Old Al-Raqqa neighborhood, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) wreaked one of the vehicles and killed the suicidal bomber inside. The other booby-trapped vehicle fled and returned to the center of the city after receiving blows..

In the result of that, the fighters were engaged in clashes against IS mercenaries. In addition, the clashes are still ongoing until now.

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