Turkish identity of a Turkish mercenary found in Tabqa city

23.05.2017 08:51 News

Raqqa – Syrian Democratic Forces fighters found a Turkish identity belonging to a Turkish mercenary who proved once again Turkey’s involvement in supporting a mercenary.

After liberating the city of Tabqqa  of mercenaries, which was considered one of the main centers of training mercenaries, many evidence and documents emerged revealing Turkey’s involvement in supporting mercenaries.

During the search and search carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the city of Tapqqa, the fighters found the identity of a Turkish mercenary of Turkish origin.

The identity found was belonging to a mercenary of Turkish origin, the identity information is as follows

Name and nickname: Murad Dumar

City: Naf Shahir, Afanos district

Place and date of birth “18-1-1983 Herford, Germany

Date of handing : 3-9-2014

Turkish laws generally require the shaving of the beard during the filming of personal identities, but the identity of the identity card appears to be a bearded image indicating that it is an old element of a mercenary.

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