You might wonder, who or what are the Women’s Protection Units. This is why we would like to give you a little overview for the beginning…

YPJ – Y units,   P  protection,  J  women

Rojava – Northern of Syria

The women’s protection units, start with their ideological, intellectual, philosophical and military dimensions, adopted a legitimate defense approach to an ecologically democratic society and women’s freedom. They stand against all attacks aimed at annihilating the peoples of Syria’s minorities and their values and fighting against the masculine, struggling against the system of army male domination and his sexual system, religious, nationalistic, scientific exploitation, the rapist of social values, it is the legitimate force to guarantee the freedom of women, and self-regulation as a basis, without distinction or differentiate between religions, nationalities and races, since five thousand years ago.

Each member struggles on a voluntary basis to protect national interests and educate women to break the restrictions of slavery and backwardness that imposed on them and to face all cases of sexual, cultural and moral rape practiced against them in western Kurdistan and Syria. It also organized itself to become the leading force for all women in the world, as well as its initiative in the diplomatic sector for two purposes, the first was to support and corroboration states to resolve the Kurdish national issue, second to reach a universal organizational unit for women   worldwide and the leadership of these units in the defensive role of human values towards terrorism, which means that they complement the historical legacy of women in defense and protection, the units of protection women units  is not an armed group or purely military institution, but a social, political and cultural revolution, each women of any women components has right to join these units (YPJ).

What our units achieved was not the result of the moment, but rather the result of its awareness of its historical tasks and its complete belief that the siege and deficit imposed on its land, people and its values is at the same time a siege imposed on its spirit.

On 2 April 2013, the first conference was held in Derek- Rojava, north of Syria, the women’s protection units were announced as a brave step to form the first women’s army in Rojava, their rules of procedure were adopted and their decisions were adopted, Women’s protection units YPJ have two main pillars as follow:

First: intellectual training within the framework of ideological, political, cultural and social to acquire standards and a model of free life, sexual and national awareness, and to adopt an ecologically democratic mindset.

Second: Military training, where they are trained in the use of weapons, as well as martial arts on the fronts and the development of war tactics and technical skills, in order to achieve combat skill based on legitimate defense approach, and attention to physical fitness, so opened dozens of training centers and academies in the structure of each headquarters. Linked to the headquarters of the women’s protection units in the three provinces (Afrin, Jazeera and Kubani), to rehabilitate the fighters and provide them the standards and model of awareness of freedom and free life, so that the harmony and coordination intellectually and military.

Thus, women’s protection units were able to build a new ethics and culture in Rojava and at the level of all components, overcoming all concepts that reduced women’s essence and value. The revolution reached its peak with vitality and activism, women were able to live in harmony with the philosophy of freedom in the fields of defense by their womanish nature and continued with struggle.

Within a short period of time, the women’s protection units were able to make significant gains and proved  their ability to lead the fighting in various types of military tactics and strategies, within the legitimate defense approach, as the first women’s army facing terrorist organizations like (ISIS). The confrontation was not confined to the military struggle, but also to the mental aspect.

The women’s protection units revived the spirit of the international spirit of the German martyr Ivana Hoffmann, who turned into an appeal for the unity of the people and united and still dozens of nationalities struggling in our units with all determination and courage in the belief that the revolution is the guarantor of the spirit of free women in all its aspects. In addition to supporting women in Syria in terms of material, moral and training, and how to organize themselves in a military structure of their own, and opened centers of Arab women, to organize their own in the units of the protection of women, in this union, the potential energy of women was blown up and exploited in the struggle for peace and democracy, and revenge of  slavery and persecution imposed on them for thousands of years.

Now our units in the fronts lines of the liberation campaign in the city of Raqqa are fighting the terrorist organization(IS) in one of its main strongholds to liberate the women who remain prisoners. So far more than 140 Yazidi people have been freed  75 women and the rest are children. Tens of thousands of women of other component in the districts of Rojava and northern Syria have also been released.

Since the beginning of our establishment and until now we have struggled to be a force of protection and defense of women in terms of physical and legal rights without any distinction and differentiate between the components and ethnicities and a force for peace and so far we have provided more than 600 martyrs on this approach and we are all convinced that freedom can be achieved only by sacrifice and struggle and we will continue with this approach.

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