Afrin Council speaks up against Turkish Attacks

19.08.2017, 17.04   News

The Administrative Council of Afrin Canton’s Democratic Autonomy condemned the increasing attacks launched by the army of the Turkish state against Afrin and Shehba



The Administration gave a statement saying, that the attacks on Rojava and especially Afrin and Shehba lately are actually targeting a liberated region and a safe area for refugees.

It added: “This happens after a huge success of the Rojava Revolution and during the Raqqa Liberation Offensive is ongoing. The very same is of course not redound to Turkey’s advantage, which is why for a number of days they continue to bomb Afrin and Shehba nonstop.”

The administration made clear, that the attacks are also attacking the solution of the chaos in Syria, the federal system, and condemned this.

The statement finished by calling for the international society to show a limit on Turkey’s activities in Syria.


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