Afrin village bombed, Turkish forces sighted in Idlib

30.07.2017, 11.31   News

Again the Şera district had to suffer assaults from the army of the Turkish state and its allies, which were bombing the village of Meserkê yesterday. The aggressors are positioned in Azaz and use heavy weapons against villages in Afrin from there. The attacks again damaged houses and property of the civilians.

Furthermore Turkish airplanes were sighted over the Raco district of Afrin canton.

The Turkish army also seems to intensify its activities on the other side of Afrin. Local sources stated, that Turkish soldiers were locating in the village Eyn El-Bîda close to Idlib. They informed, that the Turkish soldiers were led to Idlib by the local islamist party El-Tirkstanî El-Islamî. It was furthermore underlined, that the El-Tirkstanî El-Islamî party and the Tehrîr El-Şam gangs are having a very good relationship and would both willingly act according to occupation plans of the Turkish state, which would start in Idlib soon.

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