Al-Raqqa: Al-Wahbe and al-Iza’a neighborhoods liberated

27.04.2017 10:54   News

AL-RAQQA- Fighters of the Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room have cleared al-Wahbe and al-Iza’a neighborhoods from IS mercenaries, during the clashes, 20 mercenaries have been killed and 10 others have been captivated. In addition, 4 vehicles including a bomb-laden one were destroyed, and a tank was also seized.

Al-Tabqa and the Euphrates Dam liberation campaign was instigated in March 21st.

The campaign continues despite the Turkish state’s attacks, Daesh mercenaries are no longer able to confront the fighters despite the Turkish blow on Qereçox which aimed at saving the mercenaries from the Wrath of Euphrates fighters’ blows.

The fighters are still clearing al-Tabqa neighborhood one after another, and are revenging on Turkish aggression on Qereçox Mountain.

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