American Armanc Dilxwaz: YPG fighting for the whole world

14.07.2014, 15.57   News

The American fighter Lucas Jabimin (Armanc Dilxwaz), who had been fighting in YPG for some time, let us know, that he is convinced about the importance of YPG’s defense role in the world.

In an interview in “Kurdvizyon” he talks about his own motivation to join:

“I joined the YPG, because everyone should feel responsible to do something against all the massacres in the world. I believe, that the Rojava revolution is not only there for the Kurdish people or for the Syrian people, but for all people in the world.”

About the actual political developments and the movement of the Turkish army in the region Armanc says:

“We want a union of Kurdish people, that has the power to keep away Turkey from Afrin. We want that Turkey stops attacking Afrin. Until that we will continue our support actions also here in America.”

See the interview here:

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