Battles ongoing in Shehba and Afrin Cantons!

13.08.2017, 16.15

Fighters of the Revolutionary Forces in Shehba are conteding to stop the invasion of the army of the Turkish state and its islamist allies in Shehba canton. The invaders were trying to occupy the region around Marnaz villagage, but the Revolutionary Forces managed to repel the attack and the army of the Turkish state and its allies were forced to withdraw.

Also other towns and villages suffered again under the assaults of the occupiers: Eyn Deqnê, El-Bîloniyê, Til Rifet and Şêx Îsa in Shehba canton have been bombed. There are no information about killed or injured people yet. Late at night bombs lashed down on El-Semoqa village in Shehba as well.

At the same time Cindirêse region in Afrin was affected by bombings of the army of the Turkish state. Battles broke out between YPJ/YPG and the attackers. Also here no information about killed and injured people were available until now. The war is going on until now.

Media and Press Center YPJ

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