Bombings on Afrin and Shehba right now!

27.07.2017, 11.51     News

The army of the Turkish state and its allied groups again stroke Afrin’s villages with heavy weapons, missiles and DShK guns. Furthermore local sources stated, that a number of tanks passed over from Turkey to the village Til Malid.

Yesterday at noon the aggressors were attacking the village Celemê in Cindirêsê district and repeatedly Basûfanê in Şêrawa district. The attacks caused damage of the houses.

Also the village Qermîtliq in Afrin was shelled with DShK weapons from the border itself. The residents of Qermîtliq still complain, that the state of Turkey had been rooting out hundreds of their trees when building a wall close to they village some months ago.

In addition also Eyn Deqnê and Minx, which were suffering many attacks already within the last days, are being bombed by the army of Turkey and its allies. These are positioned in the village Kilcibrîn nearby. The bombing is continuing…


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