Clashes in 7 districts of Raqqa, 70% of Hisham Abdul Melek liberated

16.07.2017, 11.13   News

Clashes are ongoing in 7 neighborhoods in Raqqa at the same time. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated 70% of Hisham Abdul Melek neighborhood and the SDF managed to brake the 2nd defense line of ISIS here. In El-Diriyê and the Old town important points could be taken over, only small areas are still in the hands of the Islamists.

The seven neighborhoods where clashes erupted in are: El-Diriyê, al-Yarmouk, al-Nahda, al-Barid, Hisham Abdul Melek, El-Rewda and the Old town. The clashes resulted in killing an unknown number of IS mercenaries. In addition to that, a combing campaign was carried out in the back front of clashes as the fighter seized an amount of weapons among them Turkish-made weapons.

By advancing within Hisham Abdul Melek neighborhood, the 2nd defensive line of IS mercenaries has been broken and this diminished the ISIS’ chance for domination of the city center.

Furthermore SDF special teams for dismantling mines carried out an operation of combing as they have seized an amount of ammunition and local-made mines which were supplied to blast. Several liberated villages and hamlets in the northeast countryside have been secured.

In a relevant concern, the mercenaries encircled and protected around 500-600 civilians in al-Tayar neighborhood west to the city on Friday. When the civilians had been trying to reach SDF points, they also were targeted by IS mercenaries. According to the civilians, everyone who tries to get away from the city, or doesn’t listen to the mercenaries’ orders is being killed. The situation of other civilians who stayed inside the city is critical.

See this video of the fights in the east of the city:

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