Clashes erupt in 3 neighborhoods in al-Tabqa, 32 mercenaries killed

07.05.2017 12:10   News

AL-RAQQA- Clashes have erupted again between the Syrian Democratic Forces and IS gangs since Saturday evening in the First, Second, and Third Neighborhoods of al-Tabqa, during the clashes, 32 mercenaries have been killed.

The Wrath of Euphrates campaign to liberate al-Tabqa and Euphrates Dam continues in the 47th day amid fierce clashes.

Clashes broke out on Saturday at 18:00 between Wrath of Euphrates fighters and IS mercenaries and are still ongoing till now, as the clashes intensify in the First and Third Neighborhoods in al-Tabqa, clashes extended to reach the Second one as well in the late hours of the evening.

Fighters of the Wrath of Euphrates are cautiously advancing to clear the remaining neighborhoods from the mercenaries.

19 mercenaries including 4 snipers were killed on Saturday evening, while 2 SDF fighters have been injured, an Uzi-type pistol, a chest full of 37 mm Dushka bullets and a chest of missile heads were seized by the fighters.

Global coalition fighters carried out 8 air strikes on the gangs’ positions.

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