Clashes south Tabqa: The destruction of a mercenary vehicle and the killing of them


10.04.2017 08:56

Al-Raqqa – Fighters the wrath of  Euphrates campaign operations room, intense clashes against mercenaries, south of the Tabqa city, during these ongoing clashes, a mercenary vehicle was destroyed and killed of them .

The liberation of the city of the class and the Euphrates dam continues for the 22nd consecutive day. According to information received from the region, the southern city of the Tabqa witnessed clashes between fighters and mercenaries near Aleppo International Road

The ongoing clashes resulted in the destruction and killing of a mercenary vehicle.

According to information received from the area, a large number of mercenaries were killed, but the intensity of the clashes prevented reliable numbers

Mercenaries launched attacks on the same area last night and the fighters stand up them, frustrating the attack and the bodies of three mercenaries in the hands of the fighters.

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