Coalition calls ISIS to capitulate via leaflet

19.08.2017, 15.44   News

The International Coalition against ISIS distributed a leaflet in Raqqa’s Mensur district and called for the citizens to get away from the areas of war.


Simultaneously with the advance of the SDF getting closer and closer to the city center, airplanes of the International Coalition dispersed leaflets on Mansur district and the 23rd February street in Raqqa. In spite of asking the civilians to leave, the leaflets also called on the ISIS members to capitulate. On the leaflet it is written: “Your walkie talkies don’t lie – it’s your commanders who are lying!”

On the other hand the leaflet contained an open letter to the civilians: “The Syrian Democratic Forces will approach you in a fine manner, advance fearlessly and bring you back to your homes after the liberation. Now get far away from ISIS groups and ISIS military positions.” 

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