DAA: The Turkish aggression aims to cover the referendum failure

The General Coordination of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Rojava assured that the Turkish aggression came to cover its political failure in the referendum, and it stated that these acts would not prevent them from progressing to achieve their aims of getting rid of terrorism and oppression and spreading democracy.

The DAA General Coordination released a statement to the public opinion about the Turkish aggression condemning the attacks on Rojava and Şengal in Başûr. Moreover, it called the international community to stand against this government’s acts.

The statement is:

“Amid our fierce battle against the terrorism and the obscurantist powers, and in coincidence with the good news of eliminating IS terrorism in al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa, the Turkish treacherous government warplanes bombarded media outlets and safe villages in Dêrik, and its aggression reached Şengal and targeted its Yazidi wounded people. This bombardment resulted in a number of martyrs and wounded people in addition to destroying media outlets in Qereçox.

It seems that Erdogan, half of the Turkish people standing against him in the last referendum, started to revenge on our people, forces and safe areas that are terrorism-free regions by virtue of our people’s will who long for freedom and democracy, very contrary to Erdogan’s oppressive and authoritarian aspirations, Erdogan took to launching outrageous attacks on Rojava. It seems that Erdogan would turn the area into an area of internal war to cover his failure in the referendum in Turkey.

We in the General Coordination of the DAA strongly condemn this aggression by the Turkish government, and call for the international community to cease its silence and stand against this government that strikes the great achievements that were achieved by YPG, YPJ. We assure that these acts would not prevent us from progressing to achieve our aims to get rid of terrorism and oppression and spread democracy, rather; we are getting stronger, and more unified. We also call for our people and the Kurdish forces to express their attitude and stand together for supporting the forces that insure their safety and dignity, and stand against the Turkish attacks”.

Media and Press office YPJ

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