Eastern and Western Frontline Close to Meet

10.08.2017, 15.27   News

As the advance is continuing, the SDF fighters of the eastern and western frontline of Raqqa are coming closer and closer to each other. It is said, that it is a matter of hours, until they will finally meet. The progress is hindered indeed by the masses of planted mines on the way.


Furthermore a focus is on rescuing civilians. In Nezlit Şihade the SDF special teams for liberating civilians managed to relieve around 125 civilians, who were encircled by the ISIS gangs. Two of them have been injured due to attacks of ISIS members to keep them from leaving. Also two members of the special teams have been wounded. The injured have been brought to the nearest hospital. Afterwards food was spread and the civilians brought to the safe areas.


In total 12 ISIS members have been killed and two have been arrested since yesterday.


Media and Press Center YPJ

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