Fight in 7 districts – IS car bomb attack on civilians

31.07.2017, 17.26   News

In Raqqa the combat is going on in 7 different districts at the same time and the SDF is gaining ground. Within the last 12 hours 29 ISIS members have been killed in total. These result in the following events:

In Nezlit Şihadê district, the SDF fighters started an active initiative, which led to the death of 8 islamists. The district is now liberated for the most part, many ISIS defense lines broke and many points and buildings could be brought under control. So many civilians also came to these liberated areas to find shelter or were brought there by the special forces for liberating civilians. When ISIS was striving to stop the progress of the SDF, they also use civilians strategically: When a special team, consisting of 12 fighters, was leading a group of civilians to the area, they were attacked with carbombs and mines, that had been planted before. 2 fighters and 4 children lost their lives in the attack. 8 other fighters and 7 civilians were injured, some of them severely.

In Hîşam Bin Ebdulmelik in the south the SDF fighters, when checking the surrounding of the El-Mene mosque, found a tunnel. Clashes broke out and 6 ISIS members got killed.

In Deriyê in the west of the city 3 ISIS members were killed by SDF snipers. From here the SDF managed to enter a new district called Nehda, where 2 islamists were killed.

In the east of the city ISIS tried to attack the liberated points in Rewda. 6 ISIS members were killed and 3 injured.

In the Old Town and in Berîd the war continued as well, here 5 ISIS members were killed.

The special teams for removing mines continued their work as well and found many tunels.

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