Fighters achieve another step towards al-Raqqa

22.05.2017 10:38   News

AL-RAQQA- The fighters of Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room liberated al-Salhabiyah al-Garbiyah. Moreover, the clashes are still ongoing in Hamrah Nasser town, and 31 mercenaries were killed during the clashes which lasted for two days. REQQA-GAVEK-DIN-PESKETIN1

The fighters are still progressing within the 4thstage of Wrath of Euphrates campaign for liberating al-Raqqa.

The fighters liberated al-Salhabiyah al-Garbiyah (al-Khatoniyah) village after clashes erupted on Sunday evening. The liberated village is northwest of al-Raqqa.

In the eastern axis, the clashes are still ongoing in Hamrah Nasser town where parts of it were liberated on Sunday. Moreover, IS mercenaries were encircled by the fighters in Hamrah al-Balsam village that is near Hamrah Nasser town.

During two days of clashes, 31 mercenaries were killed, and 11 bodies of them were kept at the hands of the fighters.

The fighters carried out combing operation in al-Salhabiyah al-Garbiyah and al-Salhabiya al-Sharqiyah villages, and they found 2 mortars of 120 millimeter and 80 millimeter, a drone, in addition to a sniper weapon.   REQQA-GAVEK-DIN-PESKETIN2

By the liberation of al-Sahlabiyah al-Garbiyah and al-Sharqiyah, the fighters got 2 km away from al-Baath Dam; the dam is 21 km southwest of al-Raqqa and it is the 3rd biggest dam in Syria.

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