Fighters: It is time for vengeance for Yizidi women


15.06.2017 10:05  News 

It is time to take revenge. “This is the disscussion language  exchange between fighters of the women’s protection units who participating in the liberation campaign, with every step towards liberating the Raqqa, the fighters’ hopes for the liberation of the abductees are growing.

As the liberation campaign of the city of Raqqa progresses from IS mercenaries the entry of female and male fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces into the neighborhoods of the city, the fighters’ hopes are especially high for the liberation of the kidnapped Yazidi women during the massacre committed by mercenaries against the people of Shankal in August 2014. The talk of the side fighters is not without Addressing the issue of kidnapped women, the liberation of abductees is one of the priorities of the campaign for the fighters.

The spokeswoman of the room of the wrath operations of the Euphrates Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, a resident of the city of Raqqa was confirmed in previous statements that one of the most important goals of the campaign to liberate the Raqqa is the liberation of Yazidi women by fighters.

Now the campaign has entered an advanced stage and with every advance towards the city’s neighborhoods, the theme of the kidnapped Yazidi women is once again highlighted.

Anzik Raqqa is a leader in the Syrian democratic forces and residents of the city of Raqqa speak with great enthusiasm about the progress of female and male fighters  in the neighborhoods of her city. “Mercenaries have called for the abduction of thousands of Yazidi women from Shankal and sold them in the markets of slavery as any commodity sold and bought, This increased the desire of revenge fighters of the women’s protection units ” ”

” Anzik added now we have entered Raqqa city and fight the mercenaries in a spirit of revenge for the Yazid women, we will take revenge on the mercenaries with all our might”

” The fighter Mayar Malak of the town of Mabrouka also suffered from the period of occupation of mercenaries to her country says when a mercenary took control of the town, life changed, especially the woman’s life, where mercenaries issued resolutions that deny and end women’s existence, and then prevented us from leaving the house even in front of the door, she says she is now retaliating for the women of her hometown and for all Yazidi women kidnapped by mercenaries. “I am now in the city of Raqqa, fighting terrorist mercenaries and avenging every woman who has suffered Mercenaries “. “It’s time to take revenge”

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