Heavy clashes in Nahda district and the killing of 19 mercenaries

28.06.2017 10:38    News

Raqqa – The Syrian Democratic Forces fighters advance in the Nahda neighborhood west of the city of Raqqa. During the fierce clashes in the neighborhood, 19 mercenaries have been killed so far. The fighters have captured three Kalashnikovs and their weapons.

The campaign to liberate the city of Raqqa continues with all its strength on its 22nd day.

In this context, the forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Nahda neighborhood west of the city of Raqqa, amid fierce clashes in the neighborhood between the fighters of the SDF and mercenaries.

According to information provided by sources from the campaign, 19 mercenaries were killed during the fighting in the neighborhood. The bodies of seven of them were into the hands of the fighters. The fighters also seized 3 Kalashnikovs and their ammunition.

The sources noted that the clashes are continuing with all their strength until the preparation of this news.


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