IS hold children to delay the inevitable defeat


21.06.2017 08:21  News 


Raqqa – Mercenaries holding children inside the city of Raqqa to force their parents to stay in the city, which is witnessing fierce battles between the SDF fighters and mercenaries.

The mercenaries used this brutal method and had previously detained civilians in al-Shadadi, Manbaj and southern rural Kobani. However, this did not succeed in obstructing the progress of Syria’s democratic forces which, on more than one occasion, have affirmed their commitment to protecting civilians.

In this context, a source from inside the city of Raqqa, said that mercenaries are holding children to force their parents to stay in the city in order to use them as human shields against Syria’s democratic forces.

This comes at a time when the Syrian democratic forces managed to liberate thousands of civilians from inside the city of Raqqa, and to open safe paths to them towards liberated areas.

For more than a week, the city of Raqqa has been witnessing strong clashes between fighters and mercenaries, where the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters have made progress on more than one side.

According to the same source, mercenaries detained a number of children and women inside the city.

The source confirmed that mercenaries resorted to these acts in order to ensure that civilians did not leave the city.


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