“The homeland is our homeland and revenge is our promise.”

12.08.2017, 13.35   News

Hundreds of Shehba residents took the streets to protest the condition of Abdullah Ocalan’s isolation in jail and the ongoing bombings conducted by the army of the Turkish state in Afrin and Shehba.


The ‘Democratic Movement of Arab Youth’ organised the protest and themed it “The homeland is our homeland and revenge is our promise.” Different representatives of organisations condemned the isolation of Abdullah Ocalan and the bombings on the area, among them spokespersons of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and the Regional Council of Shehba.


The protest started at the Asayîş in Kefernaye. The attendees chanted “Hey occupier! Get out of here, because Shehba’s people won’t stop fighting! The Arab Youth is free, long live Shehba, long live the resistance of the Revolutionary Forces! No occupation!”


The participation of the Young Women’s movement drew attention of the observers. People also had brought flags of the ‘Free Women’s Organisation’ and symbols of the Northern Syrian Revolution.


At Kefernaya’s school the march terminated and a meeting was helt. In the meeting, responsible of the ‘Democratic Movement of Arab Youth’, Adil Farashin, the Co-Chair of the Council, Bab Fidan Osman, the member of the SDC’s Youth Office, Merwan Yusif and Midiya Hemdi, member of the ‘Free Women’s Organisation’ gave speeches. They expressed, that the Shehba canton is able to resist all occupying attacks of the Turkish state. Shehba’s people would stand up for a democratic Syria for all peoples and support the Revolutionary Forces.


They also said, that they see Ocalan as the leader of all peoples.


The meeting ended with slogans: “The martyrs are immortal! Long live Ocalan’s resistance!”


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