Icêl Liberated, 75% of City Wall Under SDF Control

07.07.2017, 17.19     News

The Raqqa operation is continuing on its 31rd day. Today the SDF fighters after heavy clashes liberated the village Icêl in the south east of the city. During the course of the fightings 7 islamists were killed and a car bomb devastated.

In Raqqa’s city center the SDF fighters managed to liberate 75% of the old city wall until now. 1800 metres of the old wall is now in the hands of SDF. To protect the historical relict, the SDF fighters decided not to use heavy weapons in the combats of the last 3 days.

On the other side, in El-Rewde disctrict, SDF is heading to grab the city’s wheat depot, which is a strategic point.

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