Ilham Ahmad: Astana congress serves 3 states’ interests

07.05.2017 12:41   News

The co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council (MSD) Ilham Ahmad assured that Astana contract is the result of confluence Turkey, Iran and Russia interests.

Our agency interviewed the co-chair of MSD about the last agreement on imposing the so-called “de-escalation zones” between a number of IS mercenaries and the Syrian regime sponsored by Turkey, Iran and Russia.

Interests’ agreement

Ilham Ahmad valuated the agreement saying “of course, we agree on putting an end to the bloody war in Syria, and we support building a federal and decentralized Syria for all Syrians”. Ilham Ahmad added “but Astana congress that was held by Turkey, Iran and Russia is the result of an agreement and confluence the three states’ interests nothing else”.

The mercenaries’ gangs’ legitimization

Ilham Ahmad saw that the agreement includes a Turkish attempt of legitimizing the mercenaries’ gangs “by this agreement, Turkey wants to legitimize Jabhet al-Nusrah obstinate gangs, and that is against these forces’ will”.

Russia and Iran strive for engaging in other conflicting areas

About the Russian and Iranian aim of this contract, Ilham Ahmad stated “conversely, Russia and Iran also strive for getting a chance to be engaged in other areas out of the areas determined to reduce conflict there”.

The Turkish aim of the agreement is threatening the DAA areas security                  

The co-chair of MSD assured that by this agreement Turkey wants to shake the security and stability of the Democratic Autonomous Administration north of Syria. Moreover, Turkey is very nervous as the refugees are not heading towards Turkey in order to use them as a pressure on the European states as it always does. Turkey is also nervous over the American security forces existence along with YPG on the border east of Euphrates, and Russian security forces with YPG in Afrin and Tal Refat and other areas west of Euphrates.

The co-chair of MSD Ilham Ahmad concluded saying “we wish that the Russian government would not agree on any agreement against the security and stability of areas where the Syrians took refuge in escaping IS violence and hardships of the war in the other Syrian areas; these areas that are still defending themselves and fighting terrorism”.

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