ISIS offensive with car bombs, heavy clashes

27.07.2017, 11.38     News

Since Tuesday night till Wednesday morning hours, fierce clashes have broken out between SDF and ISIS mercenaries. The mercenaries attempted to launch an attack using booby-trapped vehicles and motorbikes in order to obstruct the fighters’ advance in Nezlit Şihadê neighborhood in the south of the city. In Nezlit Şihadê the SDF had made a great advance in the beginning of the week, when they managed to liberate the area of the officers’ housing.

After midnight, the mercenaries attacked several points of SDF fighters in the liberated part of the neighborhood with 3 booby-tapped vehicles and 2 booby-trapped motorbikes. But the SDF fighters managed to destroy all of them and foiled the mercenaries’ attack. They managed to break ISIS’ defense lines and get the area around Mustafa mosque under their control.

In summary, since Tuesday, after ISIS’ attacks on SDF positions in Nezlit Şihadê neighborhood with 6 booby-trapped vehicles and 2 motorbikes, 44 ISIS members were killed. Among the killed ISIS members were snipers. 3 of them were killed by mines, which had been planted by their group before. In addition, the fighters seized an amount of weapons and ammunition.

The SDF special teams continue clearing the liberated parts in the neighborhood of mines planted by IS mercenaries.

Moreover, clashes are ongoing in the eastern Old Town and al-Barid neighborhood in the west.


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