Joint defense of YPJ/YPG/Revolutionary Forces in Afrin Canton

17.08.2017, 13.41   News

The Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and the People’s Protection Units and (YPG) have repelled attacks conducted by the army of the Turkish state and its allies on Afrin region. In addition, two bulldozers could be destroyed and a Turkish unmanned drone hovering over Bulbul district was downed during the clashes that broke out between the fighters and the occupiers.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries had been attacking Afrin canton – including Afrin and Shehba region – on a wide scale during the last night. This affected several different villages: Şêx Îsa, Herbel, Um Hoş, Hesiye, Herîsa and Eyn Denqnê in Shehba region; Qestel Cindo, Baflûne and Mermîn in Afrin region as well as again the surrounding of Rubar refugee camp. The attacks happened with heavy weaponry and lasted until the mornign.

The Revolutionary Forces in Shehba region repelled the attacks and also destroyed a Turkish bulldozer in Tel Madiq and one in Toyce district with a guided missile.

Also YPJ and YPG used their right of legitimate self-defense and answered to the attacks in Afrin, killing around 10 attackers. Furthermore, a Turkish drone was downed in Bulbul district in Afrin canton in the Afrin region.

It is observed again, that these attacks are intensifying with the SDF’s ongoing campaign to liberate Raqqa city. Right now there is no day without attacks with heavy weaponry, missiles, DShK weapons and PK machine guns on villages of Afrin canton.

Media and Press Center YPJ

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