The killing of mercenaries in Shahba and news of the burning of their headquarters

24.05.2017 13:27   News

Al-Shahba – The rebel army confronted the mercenary attacks by the occupation army on the liberated villages in the areas of Al-Shahbaa, while the fighters killed mercenaries and there was reports of the burning of a mercenary headquarters in the town of Mareh.

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army stationed in the town of Mareh and Tuis in the middle of last night attacks on the town of Tel Refaat and the villages of Sheikh Issa and Tel Madiq, and used mercenaries in the attack all kinds of heavy weapons and light and mortars.

The attacks continued for the third hour of dawn today, and our correspondent in the area said that the rebel army had responded to the attacks,  a military source stated that there were reports of the burning of the headquarters of the mercenaries in Mareh, hit by a mortar.

On the other hand, our correspondent said that the rebel army was able to kill mercenaries in the axis of the Tal-Madiq of Tuis.

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army launched large-scale attacks on the region, sometimes attacking the province of Afrin and its villages and other times attacking the villages of the areas of Shahba

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