“The same kind of murderers as 1915”

04.08.2017, 12.57    People

The member of the Assyrian Culture Organisation Hena Somê depicted, that the Shengal massacre against the Yezidi people is a black page in the history of humankind. Somê explained, that the Assyrian people support the Yezidi and made clear, that the genocide of 1915 and the Shengal massacre happened for the same thought behind it and the murder is one.

He underlined, that the August 3rd is a black day for Assyrian, Arab and Kurdish people. He analysed: “The massacre of the Yezidi people who lived in Shengal resulted in the displacement of five thousand people, including children. Thousands of Yezidi were massacred. All this took place because of betrayal and the silence of the international powers. So for example foreign media were not taking note of this.”

Somê defined the massacre of Shengal as similar to the Sêfo massacre in 1915 targeting Armenian and Assyrian people: “In 1915 the state of Turkey perpetrated this. Back then 600 people were beheaded.” Somê noted, that the history is repeating itself. Of course this time the measure would have been different, because ISIS was actually carrying out the massacre in Shengal. But the murderers would be the same, they would have been of the kind of Erdogan.

Furthermore, pointing on the Raqqa Liberation Offensive, he said: “What is happening here against the Shengal people and all Syrian people is like an international conspiracy. The big powers are leading, and the small ones like Erdogan or Saudi Arabia want to use it. The gangs that spread in Syria will not be able to fix anything here. But the SDF promised to free the Yezidi women and they are honoring this pledge now.”

The member of the Assyrian Culture Organisation Hena Somê finished his explanations saying that our all goals are the same: “With love, peace and equality we will all live together. As Zarathustra was suggesting it: ‘Think well, talk well and do well.’ We should take his words seriously.”


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