Last operation for Tabqa’s liberation is announced

02.05.2017 00:19   News 

RAQQA – Tonight is the most important night for the Tabqa operation, according to a statement released on the official SDF website.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokeswoman Jihan Sheikh Ahmad said the following in her statement on the near liberation of Tabqa: “This night is the night of definite success and the night Daesh (ISIS) gangs will be pushed out of Tabqa.”

In the statement, the spokeswoman also said that 90% of Tabqa city had been liberated, that only the Tabqa Dam and a few other minor areas remained for liberation.

After heavy clashes between SDF fighters and the ISIS gangs in the last three neighbourhoods under the control of the gangs, the neighbourhoods were liberated. The remaining areas under the control of the gangs are the Tabqa Dam and connected areas.

The statement noted that tonight the Tabqa Dam and surrounding areas will be liberated with an extensive operation, that the city will soon be completely liberated.

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