Leading Klara: The four stages achieved their goals and failed Turkey plans.

07.06.2017 10:36 News 

Raqqa – The leadership of the women’s protection units Klara Raqqa said that the Syrian Democratic Forces had successfully passed all stages of the Euphrates campaign and started to enter the city of Raqqa, and thwarted all anti-campaign plans, especially the Turkish plans.

This came during a meeting with her on the developments in the fourth phase of the campaign of Wrath of the Euphrates, where Klara said, “passed the campaign of anger of the Euphrates to liberate the countryside of the four stages successfully, so that our forces achieved victory at all stages and the liberation of all villages controlled by mercenaries urged, and achieved our forces in The third and fourth stages are great victories of the political, military and geographical aspects. The aim of these stages was to liberate all the villages to reach and besiege the city, and this has already happened.

Klara stressed that the schemes of some regional countries in the occupation of the region and prolonging the life of more encouraging, especially Turkey failed, thanks to the resistance shown in the four stages and the sacrifices of the martyrs. Stressing that the fourth phase, which surrounded the mercenaries in the city has seen a lot of clashes and violent attacks by mercenaries, especially suicide attacks against the centers of forces of the Syrian Democratic forces, but the latter has held up and thwarted all attacks and achieved the objectives of the four stages.

“We congratulate all our martyrs and the people of northern Syria, the end of the four stages of the Wrath of the Euphrates to liberate the countryside of Raqqa, and the beginning of the battle to liberate the great city of Raqqa,” she concluded.


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