Legitimate Self-Defense in Shehba

05.08.2017, 12.20    News

Using their right to legitimate self-defense, the Revolutionary Forces of the Shehba region were giving a military reaction on new attacks of the Turkish army’s allies on Shehba villages.

The army of the Turkish state and its allied gangs are positioned in the village Kilcibrîn and Mari town. In these places they built up military bases. From there they have repeatedly been bombing the village Şêx Îsa and Til Rifet town. Furthermore positions of the Revolutionary Forces in Semûqe, Til Midîq, Herbel and Til Çîçan have been attacked using DShK weapons. The Revolutionary Forces evaluated this as a legitimate reason to defense and reacted destroying one of the military bases in Kilcibrîn.

Media and Press Center YPJ

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