“After Liberation Raqqa can join the Federation”

06.08.2017, 16.03 People

Naemet Axa, member of the Arab National Committee stated, that the subdivisions of responsibilities in Northern Syria is aiming at organising the society and avoiding bureaucrasy. She explained, that it is planned to establish autonomous regions, that work together in economical, military and political matters under the umbrella of the Northern Syria Federation. In addition, she said, that it would be possible that Raqqa could be the fourth region to join the federation, if the civilians will be in favor for it.


Naemer Axa showed, that the federation is the best solution for the Syrian chaos and said:

The solution of the Syrian chaos began in our regions as a project of autonomous self-administration. In a situation, where no solution seemed to be available, we found out, that it is an important step to arrange a federal Syria. The federation ist the most practical and also the only solution.”


About the subdivisions of responsibilities in the area she said:

The aim of this division of leadership is to enable a proper organisation of the society and to avoid an administrative bureaucracy when taking decisions. There is a certain haste for some decisions to get out of difficult situations with minimal damage.”


About the question of the new model of administration in regions and cantons in Northern Syria, Naemet Axa said:

Every region is autonomous, because the people know the geography and characteristics best. But in matters of politics, military and economy there should be a cooperation.”


About elections of the Federal Democratic Council of Northern Syria, Namet Axa showed, that there would be a 50% quota of participation for women and men. Furthermore “in all the councils 60% of the members will be elected in direct election by the voters. The other 40% will be delegates of different civil organisations to represent the right of cultural and national minorities. And of course 50% of the representatives will be women.”


Axa explained, that even though the Council should work based on community participation and the elections themselves should have the smaller significance besides that; the election would be an important part: “We prepare elections of the communes for spring, ensuing to procede the elections for towns, regions and cantons. Finally the ‘People’s Councils’ and the ‘Democratic Federal People’s Congress’ will be elected. The system starts on the regional level and goes up to the high administration.”

Naemet Axa said that, if Raqqa’s residents would favor this, Raqqa could join the Federation of Northern Syria as the fourth region: “When the Liberation of Raqqa will be finished, its people will takeover the city’s administration. If they want to participate this project, this wish will be sent to the Democratic People’s Congress. Then the people’s representatives can decide, if they see this wish as appropriate. After a method of administration will be developed, fitting to the characteristics of the people and the geography of the region. And then Raqqa can become the fourth region to join the federation.”


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