The liberation of two villages and the killing of at least 21 mercenaries


23.05.2017 09:41    News

Raqqa – Syrian Democratic Forces fighters liberated two other villages. At least 21 mercenaries were killed in the clashes and two car bombs were destroyed. The clashes continue in the town of Hamra Nasser

The fourth phase of the Wrath of  Euphrates  campaign continues after it resumed 13 days ago

Fighters in the eastern axis continue their advance and move towards the village of Bir Hamad. After fierce clashes, the fighters liberated the village, one kilometer from the Al-Huria Dam

In the same context, confrontations continue in the town of Hamra Nasir, where fighters have liberated large parts of the area

A mercenary attempted to launch a car bomb attack on the liberated village of Salhabiya, but the fighters spotted the vehicle and destroyed it before reaching its target. At the same time, there was another car bomb attack on the village of Jia, and the fighters detonated the vehicle while trying to enter the village. The bombing of the car bomb caused material damage to the houses of the villagers

The militants began yesterday night, combing operations in the villages of Eastern and Western Salhabiya, Jia and Bir Hamad. Fighters in the village of Bir Hamad found the bodies of 8 mercenaries, 8 Kalashnikov rifles, 12.5-inch Dushka weapons, RPG launchers, 3 motorcycles, a pistol, 120 mm mortar rounds, a large number of missiles, a Turkish-made “Lao” weapon and two explosive belts.

In the village of Jia, the fighters found the bodies of 13 mercenaries, 7 Kalashnikovs, 5 SPG-9 and SPG-9

During the day-long clashes, two fighters were martyred in the operation Wrath of Euphrates.

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