Martyr Canadian YPG fighter’s body is sent home

22.05.2017 17:04   News

DERIK – The people of Rojava sent the funeral of Agir Ararat, Canadian YPG fighter, to South Kurdistan. From there his body will be sent to Canada to be buried in his own country.DRK-MERASIME-S-AGIRI (4)

Canadian YPG fighter Nazzareno Antonio Tassone’s (Agiri Ararat) funeral, who lost his life in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates on December 21, was sent by the people of Derik to South Kurdistan from the border of Semalka. Tassone (Agiri Ararat) will be buried in Canada after being sent to South Kurdistan.

A mass of people received Agiri Ararat’s funeral from Derik Hospital, accompanied by the slogans of the martyrs’ mothers and the people. The martyrs’ coffin was adorned with a YPG flag and roses, and at the same time, a pigeon symbolizing freedom was left on the coffin.

After receiving the coffin from Derik, the people headed for the Semalka Border Gate between Rojava and South Kurdistan.DRK-MERASIME-S-AGIRI (6)

After the funeral convoy arrived at the Semalka Border Gate, the YPG fighters carried the coffin of Martyr Agiri Ararat on their shoulders until the square at the border crossing. Here a military ceremony was organized by YPG/YPJ fighters. On behalf of the Internationalist fighters, YPG fighter Baran Amed (Macer Gifford) spoke at the farewell ceremony that began with a one-minute of silence. Amed expressed condolences to the family of Martyr Agiri, affirming that his comrades would be the follower of his path.

In the following of the speech by YPG fighter Baran Amed, Amed stated that Martyr Agiri Ararat had been influenced by the resistance of Kobani by the YPG/YPJ fighters, turning his direction into battlefields and joining the YPG ranks and fighting against terrorist gangs for the freedom of the peoples.DRK-MERASIME-S-AGIRI (8)

Afterwards, the certificate of martyrdom of Canadian fighter Agiri Ararat was read and delivered to his comrades.

After the ceremony, Agiri Ararat’s funeral headed for South Kurdistan. The fighterös funeral will be sent to Canada for burial in his own country.

It was stated that Martyr Agiri Ararat’s body will be sent to Canada by the Consulate of Canada in South Kurdistan.

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