A massacre is being committed in the village of Jazra Abu Shams

21.05.2017  News Video

Al-Raqqa – A Mercenaries commette a massacre in the village of Jazra Abu Shams  in the eastern suburb of Raqqa, killing 22 civilians, including children and women.

As a result of the campaign of Warth of the Euphrates towards the city of Raqqa and the beatings of mercenaries, and in front of the losses suffered by mercenaries began to go to the people to retaliate and commit massacres against them, including the mercenaries. On Tuesday afternoon at around 13:30 massacre in the village of Jazra Abu Shams in rural Eastern Province.

Where the mercenaries entered the village and killed 22 civilians from the village by shooting at the head, including two women and two children. After the massacre, mercenaries began to spread in the village and all the houses were burned and destroyed and then fled.

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