Massive protests in Europe to decry Turkish aggression

26.04.2017 12:52   News

HANOVER- The Kurdish communities and their friends in Europe have organized massive protests in many European cities decrying the Turkish aggression on Rojava and Şengal.

The Turkish occupation has attacked on Tuesday dawn Qereçox and Şengal mountains, to decry this, the Kurdish communities have organized massive protests in many European cities to demand putting an end to the Turkish aggression and fascist attacks on Rojava and Şengal.




Hundreds of the Kurdish community members in Cyprus organized with Kurdish people friends a massive demonstration to decry the Turkish aggression.

The demonstrators have held YBŞ and YJŞ flags and chanted slogans that saluted YPG and YPJ resistance and reaching Limassol town, many speeches were given decrying the aggressive attack on Rojava, which aims to handicap the victories achieved by Wrath of Euphrates campaign.

Germany- Cologne



Fulfilling the TEV-DEM’s appeal, a protest was organized in Cologne to condemn the Turkish aggression and bombardment on Rojava and Şengal regions.

Holding a minute of silence, then the Kurdish national anthem was performed, speeches were given then by head of Viyan Council Farida Khaled who said” AKP is shelling Kurdish regions which left martyrs, their choice was not random, these forces have defeated IS and saved Şengal when Kurdistan Democratic Party abandoned it, and now encircling IS gangs, Erdogan is restless since he is a supporter of this organization”.

Olaf Petersen head of Kein Mensch ist illegal( No One Is Illegal) organization expressed his resentment at the Turkish aggression and said that these bombs should have fallen on IS members heads in al-Raqqa and Şengal, not on those who are fighting this terrorist organization instead of the whole world”.

Democratic Union Party representative in Germany Jalal Hiso also said” failing to achieve their goals in Rojava or Şengal, Erdogan is directly interfering, and the attacks have increased after KDP paid Turkey a visit, and having been dealt strong blows in Bakur Kurdistan voting NO to him, he is revenging on Rojava”.

The protests ended in chanting slogans that decried the Turkish aggression.


In the same context, Democratic Union Party organized a protest condemning the Turkish attacks on Rojava and Şengal, hundreds of the Kurdish community and Kurdish people’s German friends have taken part in.



Holding a minute of silence, the demonstrators then walked through the city’s streets and chanted slogans that saluted YPJ, YPG and Şengal resistance, and others that condemned the AKP and its head Erdogan.

Many speeches were given by parties and organizations taking part in the demonstration which emphasized on the necessity of standing together in the face of Turkish government and continuing protesting.

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