Mercenaries bomb the people of Shahba

28.05.2017 10:18  News  

Al-Shahbaa – The shelling of the civilian houses of Tal and the populated town of Arfad (Tel Rifat), targeted by the Turkish occupation mercenaries on Sunday night, coincided with the shelling of several other villages until dawn and severely damaged civilian property

Confirmed that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation stationed in the towns of Mareh, the villages of Tal Mald and Klgbrin bombed the villages and towns of the areas of Shahba from 19:00 pm yesterday.

The shelling targeted the villages of Harbel, the vicinity of Sheikh Issa and the populated town of Arfad (Tel Rifat), causing damage to civilian property

The shelling expanded to include the villages of Husaye, Hasajek, Fafin farms, and Tel Mayser. The shelling left civilian property damaged.

As these areas are witnessing a cautious calm and wait until the moment of preparation of this news.

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