Minbic Military Council remembers Liberation 1 year ago

14.08.2017, 20.45

The Coordination of the Military Council of Minbic congratulated the martyrs and the fighters to the first anniversary of the city’s liberation. At the same time the council is giving the promise to defend the city against any further attacks.

The Military Council of Minbic gave the following statement:

On the first anniversary of our city’s liberation, we remember the martyrs and send our regards to all people who supported the resistance. Whe want to thank everyone, who helped to build up the regional organisations afterwards, to everyone who is day and night working on establishing administrative and legislative institutions.

A year after the terror was stopped, our focus is on many steps for the future now. We have to take note of all the advantages of our society. We are all together defending the rights of any interest group and minority of the city. This happens only with the participation of activists and citizens inside of the different institutions.

We as the Military Council of Minbic gave our promise to the martyrs and to the people, that we are always going to be ready to defend Minbic and surrounding village areas. And that we are going to take care of safety and never doubt about our right on legitimate self defense. We congratulate the people of Minbic on the liberation of our city.

We also want do express our support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on a material and spiritual level. Also we want to thank the International Coalition and embody our ability to defend Minbic against all dangers emanating from the Assad regime or islamist groups acting under the patronate of some regional states.”


Media and Press Center YPJ

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