Mother narrated her son fatality who was slaughtered by Is because he is a Kurdish


21.05.2017 08:25

Raqqa – The ugly face unfolds for mercenaries and their exclusionary thinking through their actions and crimes, which only accepts  their rulings. The mother Hadla  Al-Ahmed was the victim of that savage thought, when  slaughter  her son and  throwing his body with his head cut off and fingers  that he was an infidel.

The mercenaries were not deterred from committing any heinous crime and did not conceal the fact that they were hostile to the Kurds.

The mother of Hadla Ahmed, from the village of Qalida, south of the province of Kubani, aged 60, where the mercenaries killing of her son slaughtered under the pretext that he “infidel” and deal with infidels, and this story is not the first story and the last of the series of massacres mercenaries.

The mother lived in a village of Maskana, which belongs to Raqqa with her husband 30 years ago, until a mercenary entered the village. At the start of the campaign, the mercenaries prevented them left  the village to use them as human shields.

The mother, Hadla, is the mother of three children. Her eldest son left the country, while the other, Farhan Hassou, 40, was slaughtered by a mercenary.

The mother tells her story, with all the pain of how the mercenary  slaughtered her son and tears pouring down her eyes,

“The mercenaries raided our house after learning that we were a Kurd from  Kobani. They accused us of being infidels, so they took my son in front of my eyes to the city of Raqqa,” says the mother.

“Then I asked about my son at their headquarters in the province of Raqqa, until they told me that your son is a kaafir and he treats the infidels so we slaughtered him and threw his body in front of me with his head cut off.”

At the end of her talk, that a mercenary before they slaughtered her son tortured him very brutally and cut off the fingers of his ten hands, in addition to his skin where the effects were clear on his body.

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