Mother talks about life inside Raqqa

11.07.2017, 21.43     Context

Hezîfa, a mother that had been liberated from ISIS recently, said, that the religious fundamentalists had been destroying Raqqa and the society in there.

After Hezîfa  had been freed by the SDF, she said: “These bandits destroyed everything in Raqqa, they cut people’s heads off and took away our agricultural land from us, where we had been living all our lives.”


About the terrorists’ dealing with children, she said: “They were so much frightening the children, they forbid them to go to school and get some knowledge there. They tought them to use guns instead. They also made them produce mines. ISIS couloured our life black, left the people hungry and killed so many.” 

Hezîfa also stated, that the ISIS gangs didn’t do any good for the people at all:

“ISIS devastated Raqqa. They knew, that their end was coming, why they didn’t leave our city? Why are they not going away? Why are they insisting on more and more civilians? What is our guilt?”

So where are most of ISIS members inside Raqqa from? Hezîfa answered this question as follows: “Most of those who stayed in Raqqa are from outside of Syria. They are foreigners.”

She continues about the topic: “These foreign gangsters in ISIS wanted to trick the Syrian men in Raqqa and make them join by using women against them and gave them money. Now these men from Raqqa, who joined them, get killed first and the foreigners are hiding.”

In the end, mother Hezîfa said, relieved to be free from ISIS: “Now we can move easily in the village and our region and live in peace and tranquility.”

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