New assaults on Afrin and Shehba

03.08.2017, 10.44   News

The army of the Turkish state again started to bomb the Shehba region. After an unmanned drone was hovering over the region, the Turkish army and its allies bombed nearby villages during the last two days. Again affected were Till Rifet, Şêx Îsa, Herbel and Um Hoş. The town Minx was attacked with missiles.


The Turkish army and its allies are positioned in the village Kilcibrîn and Mari town. Local sources stated, that the army of the Turkish state had brought tens of tanks in Kilcibrîn in order to bomb the villages and towns of Shehba from there.


Also Afrin didn’t stay untroubled by Turkish aggressions. So the village Cilbera was assaulted too. This village is just 2 kilometres away from the Rûbar refugee camp.


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