New brutal incident in Afrin – conducted by Turkish soldiers

19.08.2017, 21.37    News

Brutal events conducted by the army of the Turkish state against Afrin’s civilians are continuing. In this context, Turkish soldiers were injuring a 14 year old boy, when he was herding his sheep close to the border in Raco region.

The boy who doesn’t want to be named, said: “When I brought my sheep and goats to let them graze, the soldiers of the Turkish army were immediately firing gunshots at me. They injured me in the right leg. Because they were also targeting my sheep and goats, one of my goats died.”

The boy stated, that after he got injured, the soldiers of the Turkish army wanted him to undress and come to the border without clothes. They menaced to kill him. But because there was a farmer coming closer at this moment, they just insulted him and left him injured.

The farmer, who’s name is Nîdal Ebdo, who witnessed the incident, affirmed, that the soldiers of the Turkish state injured the boy and then wanted him to undress.


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