New Federal Regions for Northern Syria

12.08.2017, 17.40   News

According to the code of the region’s administration, the ‘Democratic Federation of Northern Syria’ has been subdivided in three Federal Regions.

The ‘Federation of Northern Syria’ developed the code of the region’s administration on democratic principles. Administrative sectors will be built up, which are satisfying the society’s needs in economic, cultural and all other matters.

The Federal Regions signify an autonomous administration. They are consisting of the canton and different regions belonging together geographically, economically and culturally.

The new Federal Regions of Northern Syria are:


  • Federal Region of Cizîrê: Canton of Hesekê and Qamişlo

a) Hesekê Canton – Hesekê, Dirbêsiyê, Serekaniyê, Til Temir

b) Qamişlo Canton – Qamişlo and Dêrik region


  • Federal Region of Firat (Euphrates): Kobane and Gire Spi Canton

a) Kobane Canton – Kobane and towns and villages surrounding it; Şêran and Qenaya districts; Sirînê region, consisting of Sirînê city as well as surrounding towns and villages

b) Gire Spi Canton – Gire Spi region and towns and villages around it; Eyn Îsa and Silûk districts.

  • Federal Region of Afrin: Afrin and Shehba Canton

a) Afrin Canton – consisting of Cindirêsê region and Raco region

b) Shehba Canton – Til Rifet region; Ehrez, Fafîn and Kefernaya district


The changes of the regional administration were approved by the Federal Syrian Democratic Council’s meeting on July 27/28th.


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