A number of Turkish mercenaries were killed in Shahba

06.06.2017 10:56  News

Shahba – A number of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation were killed, in addition to the damage to the BMB vehicle in the center of the town of Mareh and Sheikh Issa.

The Turkish occupation army mercenaries stationed in the town of Mareh and the village of Klgbrin launched an attack at dawn on Monday at the positions of fighters of the rebels army, and used all kinds of heavy weapons and light.

Sources from the region that the rebel army fighters responded to the attack and failed, stressing that the number of mercenaries could not know the number killed and wounded a number of others, and our resources noted that the fighters hit several pickup vehicles for mercenaries, pointing out that the mercenary BMB vehicle was damaged by the fighters in the center of the town of Mareh.

The sources pointed out that the attacks continued until 5:00 this morning, stressing that the bombing of mercenaries caused physical damage to civilian property.

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