Raqqa: SDF Take Strategic Road, Fierce Clashes

05.07.2017, 12.25   News

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have inflicted vast damage to IS-gangs since Tuesday night. Until wednesday morning, the fighters were engaged in fierce clashes, and they advanced towards the middle of the city after they have dominated on one of the strategic sites.

SDF managed to take strategic road that leads from the city center to the Old Mosque. It is known as Syeif al-Dowleh Road and is one of the main roads of al-Raqqa city.

On Tuesday night IS mercenaries attempted  to launch an attack on Hisham Abdul Melek neighborhood in al-Raqqa. The SDF fighters repelled the attack in fierce clashes lasting till Wednesday morning. Finally the clashes resulted in defeating the mercenaries’ attack.

The clashes also resulted in killing 12 mercenaries and destroying a booby-trapped vehicle.


4 SDF fighters were martyred and other 3 of them were wounded.

In Old al-Raqqa neighborhood, fierce clashes have erupted between SDF and IS mercenaries since Tuesday night till now where 9 mercenaries were killed.

On Wednesday morning, clashes broke out in al-Diriya west of the city which resulted in killing 11 mercenaries. Here SDF-fighters shot down 3 IS drones, one of them was kept at the fighters’ hands.

In addition, one of SDF fighters martyred during the clashes and other 3 got wounded.

On Wednesday morning, clashes erupted in the north of al-Ratlah town which resulted in killing 3 mercenaries, one of them was kept in the the hands of SDF, moreover the fighters seized 2 Kalashnikovs and one BKC.

The fierce clashes resulted in killing at least 27 mercenaries.

The fighters of SDF repelled to IS mercenaries’ attack southeast of the city, during the clashes, the fighters defeated the mercenaries attack, and destroyed 2 military vehicles, one of them was loaded by 10 mercenaries while the other was loaded by Dushka weapon.

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