Raqqa: Weapon depot seized, civilians liberated

13.08.2017, 16.36

In Raqqa the combats are ongoing on all frontlines.

In the Old Town heavy clashes have been going on for 3 days. In the course of that, two ISIS snipers could be rendered harmless and a weapon depot was seized by the SDF fighters.

In the north east also severe attacks have been faced, especially in Rewda district.

In Diriye, west of the city, the SDF advanced and killed 4 ISIS members. One SDF fighter was injured here as well.

During battles in Berîd in the north west 6 ISIS members were killed.

In all the battles on the different frontlines also 3 SDF fighters were martyred. 3 others were injured.

Furthermore in Nezlit Şehadê the special teams for liberating civilians rescued 20 civilians, who had been captured by ISIS. To rescue civilians stays the highest priority for the SDF. Because of this priority, many SDF fighters risk their lives – and many also lost it until now.

The liberated civilians were brought to the safe areas.

Media and Press Center YPJ

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