Refugees call to end silence about Turkish bombings

14.08.2017, 16.04   People

Robar Camp’s refugees in Sherawa district in Afrin Region expressed their resentment towards the Turkish bombardments they are repeatedly exposed to. They are openly calling for the international and human rights organizations to end their silence about the incidents and to advocate for refugees’ safety and security.

The surrounding of Robar refugee Camp close to Basil village in Sherawa/Afrin Region was bombarded on Sunday night by the army of the Turkish state. The refugees were forced to leave their tents and to run for cover in civilians’ houses nearby. Disabled people faced difficulties during the incidents, as they could not be evacuated quickly.

Ahmad al-Sheikh, 57, asks: “What does the Turkish occupation want from us? The Syrians’ blood is still bleeding in the result of the inhumane Turkish policies and plans. Now we also had to flee again because of their bombardment.”

Ahmad also stated that during the bombardment, he could not move because of his disease and disability.

In the same context, Fatma Khalaf expressed her resentment towards the Turkish mercenaries’ frequent bombardment on them: “The Turkish mercenaries occupied our lands and looted our possessions.”

Fatma Khalaf called for the international and human rights organizations to interfere and put an end to the Turkish state’s violations.

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