Here you can find basic information about Rojava and links for your further reading.

The Charter of the Social Contract is the provisional constitution of the Autonomous Region of Rojava. It was adopted in January 29th 2014, when the people of Rojava declared their 3 cantons (Afrin, Kobane and Cizire) autonomous from the Syrian government.

In March 17th 2016, 31 parties and 200 delegates representing the different cantons and the Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Syriac, Armenian, Turkmen and Chechen peoples of Tal Abyad, Sheddadi, Aleppo and Shehba regions met in the Constituent Assembly for the establishment of the Rojava-Northern Syria Democratic Federal System – resulting in the final declaration.

The proposals of the Democratic Self Administration (DSA) can be found in the paper named Save Haven in Syria.

The Movement for a Democratic Society, TEV-DEM, is the umbrella organisation of the self-administration. They released important statements in the document The Project of a Democratic Syria, in which they outline peaceful solutions for the ongoing conflict and a democratic political vision.

An excerpt of a book about Rojava published in March 2015 by Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness gives the perfect overview about the basics of Rojava Revolution. Read.
About the role of Democratic Self Administration in transforming Syria into an actually democratic country, released in May 2014: Kurdish Initiative for a Democratic Syria


To understand the regional and global political dynamics concerning the Syrian Civil War and the rise of ISIS check David Morgan’s analyses THE MIRAGE OF ISIS – The Threat from Islamic State, the US and the Reshaping of the Middle East

and The struggle against ISIS in historical perspective.



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