SDF advances in Raqqa

08.07.2017, 16.43   News

Since Friday evening,  clashes have intensified between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and IS mercenaries in most of al-Raqqa city fronts.

Fierce clashes continued in the old neighborhoods in al-Raqqa city as big gangs of IS mercenaries attempted to constrain SDF’s advance. According to statements of SDF commanders they are using mortars which are presumed to contain chemical substances.

The outcome of the on ongoing clashes is that the SDF fighters blasted a booby-trapped vehicle before reaching its aim, and killed 2 IS suicide bombers.

Moreover, other 15 mercenaries were killed during battles that broke out in the old neighborhoods. In addition, the fighters seized 2 Kalashnikovs and a weapon of LAV kind.

3 SDF fighters also got wounded during the clashes.

Meanwhile in the western side of the city especially in al-Diriya neighborhood, the clashes continue since Friday. Until now 7 IS terrorists have been killed. 2 fighters of SDF were wounded in the fight.

During the clashes in al-Diriya 6 Kalashnikovs, 1 BKC and 1 RPG launcher were seized. and an IS booby-trapped vehicle was blasted.

In the southern side of al-Raqqa, the clashes are ongoing in Safin village southeast of the city. First information say, that 10 mercenaries were killed in the area. Moreover, the total outcome of the mercenaries’ number who were killed in the battles reached 34.

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