SDF advancing on two sides of Raqqa

03.08.2017, 11.15    News

The SDF fighters were forging ahead on two sides of Raqqa city. Yesterday morning the Hîşam Bin Ebdulmelik district in the south faced heavy battles, as the area around the Muna mosque and Bustan area could be liberated. Overall the liberated area covers 2 square kilometres. 8 ISIS members have been killed here and a number of others were injured and run away in the direction of the city center and the engineers’ college. In the Hîşam Bin Ebdulmelik district only the engineers’s college and its surrounding area are still under ISIS’ control. This area has been completely surrounded by SDF units. A safe corridor has been created for civilians who got stuck in the area. At night a number of civilians who were trying to flee on their own were injured when stepping on mines. They were then rescued by the SDF fighters. Many other civilians are hiding in the houses to not be targeted by the ISIS gangs.

In Rewda district in north east, the ISIS gangs were attacking SDF positions with 2 car bombs. Both of them could be destroyed before they reached their destination. Two fighters were injured.

Also in Berîd in north east the battle broke out again. The SDF fighters advanced in the Mesakin Idîxar area and Nehda district and liberated many positions formerly under ISIS’ control.

In Diriyê the fighting is going on, 3 ISIS members have been killed here.

In southern Nezlit Şehadê district, which had been facing heavy clashes some days ago, the progress is going on right now. The SDF fighters are continously disarming mines and creating safe corridors for the civilians. Lateley 5 ISIS members have been killed here.

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