SDF: Preparations for 1st Autonomous Arab Women Unit

06.07.2017, 13.48    News

SDF responsible Rojda Şiyar announced, that the number of Arab women in the Syrian Democratic Forces rose high. This is why SDF makes preparations to improve their organizational degree and to build up an autonomous unit of Arab women. In this unit young women from all areas of Syria would be able to participate and defend themselves.

In line with this SDF responsible Rojda Şiyar said:

“To enable Arab women to defend themselves and all women in Syria, we give them the possibility to organize themselves in an autonomous unit inside SDF.”

Furthermore Rojda Şiyar  said, that this unit will be a sign, that Arab women are able to play a role in military defense as well.

Finally Rojda Şiyar brought up, that women from Rojava Kurdistan are changing their society right now and attempt to play an active role to reach this level in other regions of Syria.

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